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META-Health workshop - Carbondale CO


Diveing deep into the MusculoSchletal System

3-Day worksohp Carbondale Colorado

September 16th - 18th

In coorporation with Davi Nikent & The 13 Moons

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Empower Yourself

Lisbeth Lundgaard

Human Design - METAhealth - Physical therapy

Human Design

The Human Design can give you insights on how your energy system works, how you interact with other people and how to become more confident in your decision making.

Being clear on this makes it easier honor that what you truly are.

When we are true towards ourselves, we can step into our power, this brings more joy and satisfaction into the lives of ourselves and people around us.



Meta Health is for you who want a deeper understanding of the physical, mental and emotional challenges you have.

Through this understanding you will gain insights - wisdom that you can bring with you further in your life.


META-Health enables you to understand what is going on in your life, the fear of dis-ease reduces, it becomes easier to step into your power and live the life that is yours.


Trainings with Lisbeth:

- META-Health Level 1 introduktory workshop.

- METAhealth Level 2 trainings for those who wants to become META-Health Practitioners.

- META-Health and the Musculoskeletal system - a unike a two day workshop where Lisbeth combines META-Health, Physical therapi and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Contact Lisbeth if you want her to do a training near you, or click "Learn more" to find upcomming trainings and events.

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